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Medical Supplies

Disposable gloves are manufactured using synthetic latex are three times more puncture resistant than natural rubber. They offer superior resistance to punctures and abrasions and are also used for protection against a variety of chemicals.

Disposable syringes have a body made of plastic and are of various sizes. In some cases, they come with attached needles. A cover stays attached to the needle so that there are no chances of injury and it stays sterilized at the same time.

Hand sanitizers are a type of disinfectant and antiseptic that is used to destroy microorganisms (pathogens) such as harmful viruses, fungi, and bacteria. Most hand sanitizers are alcohol-based and come in gel, foam, or liquid form

All types of medical equipment’s are available and can be customized according to specific medical requirements.

Protect yourself from chemicals, fluids, dirt and grime with microporous coveralls. It is made of breathable microporous material that will help you stay cool in the summer. The elastic cuffs, ankles, waist design make it easy to move without feeling restricted.

The Surgical Mask consists of a mask, a nose clip, and two ear loops. The mask is divided into three layers: the inner and outer layers are polypropylene (PP) non-woven, and the middle layer is polypropylene (PP) melt-sprayed. The nose clip is made of galvanized iron wire with PE material. The ear loops are made of Elastic spandex, latex-free.

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